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Learn to fight the negative effects of dyslexia with the Davis® Dyslexia Program. At The Dyslexia Solution, Lori Johnson is proud to be a more affordable option than other private tutoring solutions. Call today to learn more about our reading program, math program, and concept mastery program.

The Davis® Dyslexia Program

The Davis® methods come from the researched understanding that dyslexia, and its related learning disabilities, arise from a unique response to confusion called disorientation, not structural damage. Our solutions are aimed at correcting the core problem of disorientation, and the resulting coping strategies that hinder mastery. The Davis® methods were created by a dyslexic for dyslexics, and we understand that those who think and feel in pictures need core tools that are different from linear thinkers. We use the dyslexic’s natural talent to think and feel in pictures to create tools that give the dyslexic mind self-control over its perceptions, and the ability to work accurately and consistently with information to remove confusion permanently.

The program focuses on various aspects of the learning process. It is typically a 5 to 8 day intensive with follow-up work at home. Each program also provides three follow-up consultations or visits if you wish to review techniques. The Davis® program provides tools and correction that will set you up for a lifetime of unlimited learning potential.

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8 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia

Ronald D. Davis © 1994 The Gift of Dyslexia

The mental function that causes dyslexia is a gift in the truest sense of the word — a natural ability and a talent. It is something special that enhances the individual. Dyslexics don't all develop the same gifts, but they do have certain mental functions in common. The basic abilities all dyslexics share include:

  • They can utilize the brain's ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability).
  • They are highly aware of the environment.
  • They are more curious than average.
  • They think mainly in pictures instead of words.
  • They are highly intuitive and insightful.
  • They think and perceive multi-dimensionally (using all the senses).
  • They can experience thought as reality.
  • They have vivid imaginations.

These eight basic abilities — if not suppressed, invalidated, or destroyed — will result in two characteristics: higher than normal intelligence and extraordinary creative abilities. From these the true gift of dyslexia can emerge - the gift of mastery.