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"Dear Lori [Johnson],
This is just a letter to let you know how great Emma is doing as a result of having completed the Davis Dyslexia Training with you. As you know Emma received a neurodevelopmental evaluation at the Weisskope Child Evaluation Center in Louisville, Kentucky which is a nationally recognized center for the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders at the University of Louisville. The evaluation was completed by a team of six pediatric specialists and was initiated because Emma had problems in school, was inattentive, and was 1 to 1 1/2 grade levels behind her classmates. The diagnosis of the combined pediatric specialists was Reading Disorders/Dyslexias in a child with above normal intelligence. Recommendations for specific learning modifications and possibly special education services were made. Emma was fortunate in having both a nana and an aunt who are Occupational Therapists and were familiar with "The Gift of Dyslexia" and the Davis Dyslexia Training as a means of addressing the gift of dyslexia rather than using tutoring and special education to treat the symptoms of dyslexia. The family was moving back to San Antonio from Kentucky and her parents agreed to her receiving the Davis Dyslexia Training from you at the prompting of her Nana and Aunt. Over the summer between her second and third grade years (in 2008), she completed the training with "Miss Lori" as she called you. She loved it and her self confidence improved daily from the first day of the facilitation. Emma has steadily improved in her academic performance since her Davis Dyslexia Training and considering she was 1 to 1 1/2 years behind when she came to you, she has really excelled. She received special accommodations for testing, reading help and tutoring for only 1 year and has since been in a regular classroom with no need for accommodations. She is in 4th Grade and just received a report card with STRAIGHT A's!!!! On her last reading assessment she had improved by an additional 100 points from her previous assessment. She has gone from a child who dreaded going to school to one who is totally distressed if she has to miss a day of school. She has gone from a child who had no interest or patience for reading to a child who requests books or bookstore gift cards as gifts. She now chooses to READ FOR PLEASURE! Emma loved the days she spent with you and still speaks very fondly of her time with "Miss Lori". Lori, I just want to say the money spent on the Davis Dyslexia Training was more important than the money that will be spent on a college education for Emma and I truly believe that had she not had the training, college may not have been an option for her, now it will be her choice to go on to college or not. Emma is a changed child and whether she decides to go to college or not, it is a certainty that with her managed "gift of dyslexia" Emma will indeed do great things with her life. Thank you so much for the work you do, you really do change children's lives!"
— Sincerely, Arlene H.

"Before I attended The Davis program I had a lot of confusion in reading and perceiving reality. This program takes work and time, which anything in life does. It has changed my life and has been the greatest part of growing my mind learning and "remembering" what I just read or talked about. Mrs. Johnson does a great job going through the program with you; she lets you take your time and do the work correctly. She goes through the program step by step. And you can always call her if you have any questions or reviewing! "
— Cameron T.