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"At dyslexia's root is a natural ability, a talent. The gift of dyslexia is the gift of mastery." - Ron Davis

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Learn About Disorientation and Its Role in Learning Disabilities

A Proven Method for Dealing with Learning Disabilities

As a licensed facilitator of the Davis® method, I work one-on-one with people with learning and reading disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. The Davis® method is the only one that believes learning difficulties are based on learning style rather than Structural Damage Issues. It has helped thousands of people around the world to learn and communicate better. We're serving the San Antonio and Hill Country areas. Call today!

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Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program
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Davis® Attention Mastery Program
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Davis® Math Mastery Program

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With personal experience raising a child with a learning disability, I understand the challenges involved for dyslexia treatment. After discovering the powerful Davis® method, I decided to educate others on its powerful potential. It is the only solution that truly helps the dyslexic utlilize their own picture thinking and feeling learning style to master content.  Take advantage of the Davis® methods proven success today.




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